Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Next Time...

Next time I write, I'm going to remember...

10. It would be handy if my sleuth had super-powers like being able to be in two places at once and the ability to read people's minds.

9. Supporting characters have a tendency to grow.

8. Further to this, never threaten a character with deletion if they don't start talking. Said character will never shut up.

7. Accept and move beyond the fact that no matter what I intend to do, humour creeps into my writing.

6. Also accept that novels need description - it can't all be dialogue. Or accept I should write plays or screenplays.

5. Writing stories that take place 70 years ago involves far more research than I would have expected. Never think its all done.

4. Writing a novel takes time. I take more time than most.

3. Having a sleuth who is a picky eater has a tendency to make me hungry.

2. I need to have a character who collects dragon figurines. A supporting character, of course. Oh dear.

1. And sheep.


  1. Elspeth - Thanks for sharing what you've learned. I so respect you for doing an historical mystery; that takes a lot of effort and research. Like you, I've found that writing takes time, and mine takes more time than I wanted *sigh*. I've also learned that you never learn as much about a place - even a place you've lived - as you do when you write about it.

  2. I love these lists you share with us, Elspeth, because I always relate to them in some way. Taking its time is the hardest thing about writing. I am allowing mine to emerge, rather than force words on the page. Sigh!

  3. Margot; It would be easier to place my plots in the present and in a locale I know. I keep telling myself that. But my stories insist on taking place when they do.

    Karen; That's a very good lesson, Karen - let the words emerge. That would take real courage. Good for you.

  4. I love this! Haven't tried to add sheep before, but maybe...

    The one about supporting characters is especially true for me.


  5. Okay, Elspeth, what did I miss? I followed right along -- laughing all the way -- until I almost choked on the sheep! Where did that come from? Are they real or figurines?

    Giggles and Guns

  6. I love that you ended with the sheep! I love your sheep :)

  7. Michele; I seem to create supporting characters who crave the spotlight.

    Mary; Does it really matter? And try not to choke on sheep. Their wool tends to make people gag.

    Jemi; I'll pass the word along. Wait. The sheep agree with you. They say you're very wise.

  8. Your sheep are much more endearing than my Uncle Harry.

  9. Great list of 10, as always!!

  10. Al; I can't judge since I don't know your Uncle Harry. Does he have Scotch mints? That would be endearing.

    Karen; Gracious - thank you!

  11. Another great top ten list. Once again I'll still be chuckling as I leave your blog.

  12. I actually have a sheep scene in one of my manuscripts. :-) But no dragons.

  13. This is a great list...and you know how much I love the sheep. Put lots of them in there.

  14. Love number six and number one. That's so true. I need sleep too. Oh, did you sheep? Well, I need that too and coffee.



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