Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Next Time...

Next time I write, I'm going to remember...

10. It would be handy if my sleuth had super-powers like being able to be in two places at once and the ability to read people's minds.

9. Supporting characters have a tendency to grow.

8. Further to this, never threaten a character with deletion if they don't start talking. Said character will never shut up.

7. Accept and move beyond the fact that no matter what I intend to do, humour creeps into my writing.

6. Also accept that novels need description - it can't all be dialogue. Or accept I should write plays or screenplays.

5. Writing stories that take place 70 years ago involves far more research than I would have expected. Never think its all done.

4. Writing a novel takes time. I take more time than most.

3. Having a sleuth who is a picky eater has a tendency to make me hungry.

2. I need to have a character who collects dragon figurines. A supporting character, of course. Oh dear.

1. And sheep.


  1. Elspeth - Thanks for sharing what you've learned. I so respect you for doing an historical mystery; that takes a lot of effort and research. Like you, I've found that writing takes time, and mine takes more time than I wanted *sigh*. I've also learned that you never learn as much about a place - even a place you've lived - as you do when you write about it.

  2. I love these lists you share with us, Elspeth, because I always relate to them in some way. Taking its time is the hardest thing about writing. I am allowing mine to emerge, rather than force words on the page. Sigh!

  3. Margot; It would be easier to place my plots in the present and in a locale I know. I keep telling myself that. But my stories insist on taking place when they do.

    Karen; That's a very good lesson, Karen - let the words emerge. That would take real courage. Good for you.

  4. I love this! Haven't tried to add sheep before, but maybe...

    The one about supporting characters is especially true for me.


  5. Okay, Elspeth, what did I miss? I followed right along -- laughing all the way -- until I almost choked on the sheep! Where did that come from? Are they real or figurines?

    Giggles and Guns

  6. I love that you ended with the sheep! I love your sheep :)

  7. Michele; I seem to create supporting characters who crave the spotlight.

    Mary; Does it really matter? And try not to choke on sheep. Their wool tends to make people gag.

    Jemi; I'll pass the word along. Wait. The sheep agree with you. They say you're very wise.

  8. Your sheep are much more endearing than my Uncle Harry.

  9. Al; I can't judge since I don't know your Uncle Harry. Does he have Scotch mints? That would be endearing.

    Karen; Gracious - thank you!

  10. Another great top ten list. Once again I'll still be chuckling as I leave your blog.

  11. I actually have a sheep scene in one of my manuscripts. :-) But no dragons.

  12. This is a great list...and you know how much I love the sheep. Put lots of them in there.

  13. Love number six and number one. That's so true. I need sleep too. Oh, did you sheep? Well, I need that too and coffee.



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