Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Friday

As I promised in last week's Fun Friday post, here's more incredible photos I was sent in an email.
Have a great weekend, everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate this Sunday.

In  the Chinese province of Shandong this bridge crosses the Gulf of Jiaozhou. The bridge stretches over 36 km and has eight car lanes. It is the longest sea bridge in the world. 

A computer store in Paris. In fact, the floor is absolutely flat. I'm sure I would trip.

Here's something you don't want to be stuck in! A 260 kilometre traffic jam in China.

An unusual  tunnel in California's Sequoia National  Park. We've got a similar one here in Vancouver in Stanley Park.
 This statue created by Bruno Catalano is located in France. 

The same monument in Kaunas, Lithuania seen at day and then at night.


  1. Wow, Elspeth! Those are incredible 'photos! Thanks for sharing them. But that traffic jam? No, thanks!! I thought there were long traffic tie-ups in Southern CA!

    1. It does put things into perspective, doesn' it?

  2. The Chinese Traffic Jam photo is fake. It's a heavily photoshopped image of the 405 in Los Angeles. Proof here:


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