Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Signs You're NOT in the Zone

Have you ever had one of those days when you're trying to write a blog post and you have no words? Seriously. No words. 

What is a blogger to do?

This is what this blogger does - she reruns one of her more popular posts about not being in the zone. Irony is amusing.

Let's hope I've found some words by Wednesday - or at least (considering what I post on Wednesday) some pictures.

Happy Monday to all.

10. Just one more game of Solitare (or Free cell or Angry Birds or...). Just one. Oops, where did that hour go?

9. Notice you've used the word 'pretty' twice. Not in the same paragraph; the same sentence.

8. (If you write mysteries) Your sleuth is about to have his/her big 'aha' moment. This is when you realize there is no logical way they could have leapt to the solution.

7. Realize your fingers are cramping because they've been frozen over the keyboard for such a long time.

6. It's been so long since you've looked at your WIP that when you actually open up the document you have to spend considerable time re-reading it because you have no idea what's going on.

5. Congratulations; you've just forgotten your main character's name.

4. You've only got half an hour to write and you're determined to make it count. Okay, just one more game of solitaire and you're going to start.

3. Your pet just came into the room, yawned and left. He knows.

2. You've been popping about the internet completing vital research. How is it possible that your computer's screen is showing travel packages to Tahiti?

1. You've achieved a new high score in  Solitare (or Free cell or Angry Birds or...). It's time well-spent.


  1. Elspeth - Ah, yes, those definitely "Not-in-the-Zone" days. I have 'em myself. How do I know it's happening? When I promise myself to just check one or two of my favourite blogs - and then it's an hour later that I get back to my manuscript. Oh, but I forgot a couple blogs! Must go back! Another hour... you get the idea...

  2. I think I'm not in the zone today, too! Keep getting phone calls. :) I'm enjoying your list!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I feel sure you'll dig out your self-discipline and be mightily efficient at some point today.

  3. Yes, these all sound familiar, except for the Solitaire and Angry Birds. I tend to just stare out the window.

  4. Been there, done that...except I was using Minesweeper. I had to give it up.


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