Monday, April 23, 2012

Wisdom of the Sheep

Click, click click.

Sheep #1: Ahem.

Click, click, click.

Sheep #1: Ahem.

Clickity-click click click.

Sheep #1: AHEM!!!

Writer: (stopping typing) Yes?

Sheep #2: Hello.

Writer: I'm busy. I don't have time for you now.

Sheep #3: Like that's ever stopped us.

Writer: (sighing heavily) Yes?

Sheep #1: Pray tell, who are they? (pointing a hoof towards another flock of sheep)

Writer: They're a new project.

Sheep #2: We know that. We're not stupid. Look at them - they're lambs.

Sheep #1: Their wool is pristine.

Sheep #2: Their hoofs are spotless.

Sheep #3: They're precious.

All the Sheep: And you're spending all your time with them!

Sheep #1: What about us?

Sheep #2: You love us.

Sheep #3: You've said so.

Sheep #1: More than once.

Sheep #2: Were you lying?

Sheep #1: Because that would be hurtful.

Writer: I'm sorry. I'm attracted to new projects.

Sheep #1: We've noticed.

Sheep #2: This is a problem.

Writer: Why?

Sheep #1: Look around you. How many flocks of sheep do you see?

Writer: Well...there's the new flock I've been spending time with.

Sheep #1: And...

Writer: And the three flocks of 14 sheep over there - those are the three games I'm working on.

Sheep #2: And...

Writer: Way over there is the short-story flock.

Sheep #3: (squinting) Why, they're wasting away.

Writer: (ashamedly) It's been awhile since I've worked on that.

Sheep #1: And...

Writer: And what?

Sheep #2: There's us!

Writer: Of course.

Sheep #1: Mind some advice?

Writer: What if I do?

Sheep #1: You'll get it anyway.

Writer: Fine. Bleat away.

Sheep #1: You can't keep popping from flock to flock. Make your choice. Stay with one flock until you're finished.

Sheep #2: Then move on.

Writer: But...

Sheep #1: You may think you're moving forward - but you're just jumping over the fences between flocks. If you'll notice, none of us have left.

Sheep #2: You're just adding more flocks.

Writer: But, it feels like I'm moving forward.

Sheep #1: Have any sheep left?

Writer: No.

Sheep #1: Pick a flock.

Sheep #2: Stick to it.

Sheep #3: Finish it. Then move on.

Writer: You're right.

Sheep #1: Aren't we always?

Writer: I'm feeling a bit sheepish.

Sheep #1: Don't start.


  1. Elspeth - Ah, the sage wisdom of the sheep! Yes, indeed. It really is important to try to focus on one flock of sheep at a time. Of course, sheep don't have deadlines...

    Still, I think there's definitely something to be said for staying with a project 'till one's finished with it. I really don't think those sheep were pulling the wool over your eyes. ;-)

    1. Groan.(on many levels) And you're right - of course.

  2. I love the sheep! :)

    Oh, I'm totally with you on this, Elspeth. I've got a project I'm dying to work on, but I know I can't touch it until the end of the year.

    1. Isn't it annoying? I'd think someone as organized as you would be terrific at juggling, but I suppose there's a limit to the number of balls!

  3. I so totally relate. Got me more flocks than I can count. I'm having to eliminate some. So hard, but otherwise nothing gets finished. Thanks for the smile!

  4. So appropriate. I just said to a friend that working on three projects at once like I am now is kicking my butt. I have to figure out how to get to at least two, and preferably one, before I float around the bend.

    1. If you float around the bend, you'll see I'm already there. Come on over - we've got cookies.

  5. I've been flock-hopping as well. Finally finishing one of my six projects (at least I think it's finished) felt really good.


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