Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving Forward?

I have always been one the world's best procrastinators. I am superb at starting projects and not so good at finishing. Both of these attributes makes writing a bit of an up-hill battle. On the other hand, I like routines. Sitting down to write at a certain time every day gives me a sense of order. Actually writing, however, is a different kettle of fish. There are blogs to peruse and enjoy. There are the news sites to check, email to check and reply to...not to mention a few rounds of my computer game of choice. See my dilemma?

I'm not without discipline (despite what I've written in the foregoing paragraph). I meet every deadline. I am quick to customer queries about my games. Commissions get done promptly. But my own writing? It does get worked on, but not at a steady pace. I wish I could be one of those writers who can demand of themselves a certain amount of words per day. There are days when I write over 2,000. There are days when I'm lucky to write 20.

I am finding writing this blog daily very helpful. It is forcing discipline on me in a gentle way. There's no consequence to not writing except personal guilt. Guilt works. Self-imposed deadlines work to a degree. I need to move forward and stop poking in the quicksand.


  1. I'm also finding blogging helpful in establishing the writing habit. I would love to be a disciplined writer. Maybe someday. Until then, I'll do my binge-writing sessions when they happen, and try not to feel guilty in between.

  2. Maybe work on a smaller goal? Say 20 minutes of dedicated writing time each day? Or maybe even 2 paragraphs per day. Then you can feel good about reaching your goal and that may motivate you to continue farther that day.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Elizabeth, that's a good idea! Thank you! And Patricia, you've got the right attitude!


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