Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine for Writers

When we begin, we know they're as fragile as this...

They make us this...

and this...

We work on them during this...

and this....

And although there are days they make us do this...

There are also days we may hunger to do this.

 But we all know one day, it will sprout its these...

and we have to do this.

Ah...we writers. How we

 our this.

Long may your love story continue!


  1. Elspeth - What a lovely, lovely way to show the relationship between writers and their work. Writers invest so much of themselves in their characters and their stories. On one hand, that makes it hard when people criticise a story. On the other hand, a story without the author's personal involvement is a boring, flat story with no engaging appeal.

    1. I've always found it interesting that the emotional attachment seems to lessen over time. I know, for me, by the time I'm ready for my editor to see a new game I'm sick to death of the darn thing. I still love it (of course) but I'm ready to move on.

  2. Wonderful little picture story. Thanks so much.

  3. I'm itching to start on my next love story :)


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