Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing in December

At this time of year....

When you're trying to find the time to buy this...

so you can turn it into this...

Not to mention, lighting these...

and fighting this...

so you can wrap these...

And, did I mention baking these?

Or hanging these?

And going to hear this?

And preparing this?

And look! Did you write and send out these?

If you actually find time to do this....

Then (in my opinion) you are indeed worthy of this.

I'm also over at the Blood Red Pencil writing blog today. Pop over and say hi!


  1. Elspeth - You are so right!! Setting aside the time to write at this incredibly busy time of year is a fait accmopli, isn't it? There are days when I take pride just in opening my WIP document on the computer *sigh*.

  2. Margot; There are days when I consider just doing that a feat worthy of applause. We are very, very similar!

  3. So far the only thing I can mark off my list is shopping is done. Everything else is in flux.

  4. Carol; You're ahead of me. I've bought the turkey and a few presents. I'm so far behind it's frightening.

  5. Commuting by train seems to work for me.
    I am very relaxed about Christmas at the moment. I leave my panicking until about Christmas eve :-)

  6. And this is the time of the year that I snicker at all you other folks putting so much emphasis on one holiday. I'm done, it's over. With very little fuss and fanfare (but a lot of grease to clean up despite the spatter shields I made a special trip to buy.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  7. After looking at your list I'm ready to go back to bed. I haven't done any of it yet. Wake me up when it's January, will you?

  8. Al; There are many many men who share your attitude. And many women, although we won't admit it.

    Terry; Yes, it's done for you, isn't it? Plus, you get latkes. Win.

    Laura; Only if you wake me up then, too!


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