Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Friday

Welcome to another addition of Fun Friday. I hope these few cartoons brighten your day. As for me, I'm going to do my submarine impression and 'Go deep and quiet'. My deadline approacheth and I want this mystery sent to my customer before Monday.

Enjoy your weekend and the last weekend of the Olympics!

Memory was something you lost with age
An application was for employment
A program was a TV show
A cursor used profanity

A keyboard was a piano
A web was a spider's home
A virus was the flu
A CD was a bank account

A hard drive was a long trip on the road
A mouse pad was where a mouse lived


  1. My wife has these cartoons forwarded and I read them too. Good stuff. Love her attitude. Have a great weekend.

    Stephen tremp

  2. LOL, I'm a BIG Maxine fan - and the original computer bit was hysterical, too. ;)

    Marvin D Wilson

  3. Stephen; Have a good weekend as well.

    Old Silly; Isn't she marvelous? And yes, ah, back in the day...

  4. I like the original computer. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Elspeth - Thank you so much for some much-needed laughter : ). Those are terrific, and of course, Maxine is the greatest, isn't she?? Best of luck getting your work done before the deadline, and congratulations to the Gold-Medal-winning Canadian Women's hockey team : ).

  6. Jane; You're so welcome!

    Margot; I ADORE Maxine. And congratulations to you and all your countrymen/women - what an Olympics you've had! Wow!

  7. Man, I so represent Maxine. She is my hero.

    Straight From Hel

  8. Love it! I haven't seen Fun Fridays before...Happy last weekend of Olympics! I'll be sad when they're over.

    Southern City Mysteries

  9. My favorite is the original computer. Very clever.
    Best Wishes, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  10. Love Maxine! Outta bed and at the keyboard . . . what else is there? Oh yeah. Life. Get back to work :)

  11. Helen; She's my hero too.

    Michele; I'll be sad as well - but it's been wonderful having them here.

    Galen; I thought you'd appreciate that one.

    Carol; I consider it a triumph to be at the keyboard. Everything after that is a bonus.

  12. Those are great! My kids laughed as well :)

  13. I like the Maxine cartoon about not exercising because she doesn't want to spill her coffee. I get that!

  14. Jemi; Excellent.

    Patricia; i get it too. But then, again, I get them all.

  15. I'm running late getting to your Fun Friday but they are just as funny on Saturday. Love the cartoon with Maxine and the coffee. I knew there was a reason I avoid exercising now I know I'm not alone. Have a great weekend and I'm sure you'll meet your deadline.

  16. I love these! :) And...good luck with your deadline.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  17. Good luck hitting your deadline and Maxine is awesome!


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