Monday, July 6, 2009

To Re-write or Not to Re-Write, That is the Question

I find re-writing a somewhat tedious chore.  For every passage that I like (and honestly think 'did I actually write that?) there are 3 passages that I look at and think 'seriously?  What was I thinking?'

I had a late night revelation a few nights ago (as opposed to a late night revelation which I could have had in the afternoon) and am now playing with changing certain plots - which will necessitate changing other plots, which could lead to a whole bunch of re-writing.

The bigger question is:  When is enough enough?  How do you know that the book is where it should be and to just leave the damn thing alone?  If a large siren would sound it would be better.  Or a loud deep voice warning me to 'step away from the computer'.  

Ah well.  Perhaps I'll work on something else and come back for a 'sober second look' later.


  1. I find that I'm never finished rewriting. I can read Faking It and think "I should've used this word instead of this word" or think of a scene that could've worked.

    Ah, coulda-woulda-shoulda.

    True, at some point you have to call it finished. I think you do that when you're ready to throw the damn thing against the wall. That, and when you get some readers to read it and they say, "don't change a thing."

    I love the revision process, but I have my days when it's just not working, or I know it's time to call it done.

  2. Thanks for your take on this, Elisa. I understand the feeling of wanting to throw it against the wall!


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